We have the best flight information, we know all the tiniest details of a connection, we evaluate the waiting times and we are familiar with the airlines’ routine.

We find the right flight for you, taking into consideration information that is usually not accessible to tourists.

Because a good ticketing agent always has solutions, if you must change the date of a flight, we come up with the best solution. Whether you have delayed luggage, missed connections or canceled flights, we take care of everything!


Looking for a unique place, where spoiling and relaxation are the words of order?

Looking for accommodation in Romania or abroad, in a quiet, picturesque place, away from city vibes or on the contrary, hotels that are placed in the center of the city, we make for you the best assessments and connections.

Journeys, even seemingly simple, can sometimes be like a puzzle with lots of moving parts and our consultants know the place of each piece.

Private Jet

When time and discretion are essential and airline companies do not have flights available on the desired route, we can provide you private charter plane or helicopter rental services.

Private flights take your journey to a higher level of comfort, discretion and flexibility. Whether it is with family, friends or business, we guarantee that during such a trip you will experience exclusive services.

Fast, efficient, with multiple landing options, the helicopter is a benchmark in terms of efficiency.